My car is written off, what happens next?

Your car is written off.
You can still apply to transfer or retain the registration number as long as:
• the vehicle is available to be inspected (we will also ask for an insurer’s engineers report)
• you can meet all the conditions of the transfer or retention schemes.
Important – if you want to transfer or retain the registration number you must make sure your insurers know that the car must be made available for us to inspect. If your insurers settle your claim and sell the car as salvage before the registration number is properly transferred or retained, it will pass with the car to the new keeper and you will lose your right.
Once you have successfully transferred or retained your registration number from the written off car, let your insurers know about the change of registration number and send them the replacement V5C. If your insurers intend to sell the write off as salvage, the car must display the replacement registration number.
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