13 comments on “Viral Video UK: DVLA picked the wrong guy to clamp!

  1. Rick Sievers

    Next time the law finds that car it will be towed and the fines and cost of the boot will be thousands… Dumbass

  2. McCartney Giannoni


  3. McCartney Giannoni

    I’m laughin so fucking hard…

  4. McCartney Giannoni

    Best viddy ever!!

  5. Wen Liang




  7. always a winner

    yeah cause fuck the city and low life pigs who work as tow truck drivers fucking motherfuckers

  8. gooseeoose frabba

    Guy at the end of the video gets his tag number

  9. Marv Roberts

    ~20 years ago, my friends lockpicked a boot and put it on a police car that was parked nearby. They filled the locking mechanism with JB Weld so it could not be removed with the key. I only wish we had smart phones back then.

  10. giovanni cazares

    that’s awesome.

  11. Brad Pitt

    Why park like that when you are rich?

  12. mark degrote

    This man has no concept of fucks let alone that he’d give any.

  13. SNOW SOS

    Who’s the bitch at the end of the video calling the police, like why involve yourself? It’s actually none of your business.

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