39 comments on “Rossendales. SORN vehicle. DVLA. Nuremberg.

  1. sketchbook

    love it. A kick boxer gets distressed over a letter

  2. MrGremlin69

    Go on lad !

  3. John

    My Triumph’s been off the road for years , I phoned the DVLA up and asked them do I have to fill in a sorn they said don’t bother lol .

  4. trevor reid

    you are so good at making these persons dance chrisy fair play to you

  5. Fic9

    Love this guy ! U need to be on TV on one of them shows about bent builders , u even look like the guy who I’m thinkin of , besides that keep up the good work chrisy ur a good man in my eyes , Keep up the good work brother 😊

  6. David Horner

    Top work Chrisy!!!

  7. David Wright

    no fines other than before a jury of peers…..simple as!

  8. Dodder

    I can’t believe that this stupid bitch asked you to prover a negative. Doesn’t this show they spout nonsense at the drop of her hat to try and get control of the conversation. Well done for spoiling her day.

  9. Stan Dalby

    Haha the amount of vids I’ve watched of yours that start with on hold music , it’s funny , you want to make a hit list of your fav on hold tunes

  10. Charles C

    I recently had these idiots at my door twice looking for someone who doesn’t live at my address, i didn’t appreciate being woken up (working nights) and asked for identification by some greasy little debt collector who has about as much authority as a milkman.
    My only advice is record them every time

  11. Connell MacCool

    Top lad! Power to the people!

  12. Pilsbury Doughman

    chrisy~ I would like to speak to you pal. very interesting videos these, I’ve a situation myself, if you could email me. thanks mate

  13. warren bray

    ‘Can you prove that you have not done something’ lmao

  14. 1manmaiden

    you dear sir are an inspiring character , rage against the machine .

  15. Ryuu Katsumoto


  16. del spooner

    I bet she started looking for a new job after that god your good

  17. Kcin Setay

    Rossendales !! they should loose there licence

  18. cka mark otho keen

    mate, one knows “argue” means to clarify, ARGUE till the cows come home, i love arguing, all day every day, it infuriates most, ask the wife! hehehe

  19. Steve's Wide Awake

    If you do your research those Nazis were fighting the very same system that have now enslaved you.

  20. Josh Drizen

    This Morris bloke has got more debt than Greece.

  21. Paul Branwhite

    For the people still asleep this corruption. This man has just explained it in a nutshell, plain and simple.

  22. Kieran Kelly

    Deregister your vehicle and cancel your license give up driving and start traveling free yourself.

  23. FC Yorks

    You’re better off discreetly pleasuring yourself when you talk to these people..

  24. Freddy Flint

    Question is me old matey why has the dvla passed your private details to a debt company? Does the data protection ACT not count

  25. Vanessa Namakula

    wow that is so good. I they always win with me😐

  26. Vanessa Namakula

    wow that is so good. I they always win with me😐

  27. Darren Harper

    Rossendales bailiffs get their funding from the Rothschild Group, not surprising really.

  28. Bricktop Bricktop

    Burden of proof lies equally with the accused in civil matters. Unfortunately…..

  29. Rapid man

    ‘Please stop harassing me’ lol

  30. Danielle Shaw

    Did you have a SORN declaration?

  31. Mark Anthony

    The Holocaust did NOT happen

  32. Human being Spreading the love

    Brilliant always make me howl watching your videos 😂😂 keep up the great work Mr Morris ✋👍. Your work is very very much appreciated ✌️

  33. David parry

    this geeza is a don

  34. TrickTappic*

    Hey Chrissy. I was just wondering if you or anybody could advise me on situation that is currently ongoing. The exact same thing is unfolding at this current time. Basically, what happened was, my car engine blew on the way to the airport. I was told the price of the repair would be as much as the car was worth. Given this information, i proceeded to scrap the vehicle and cancel my insurance policy. 4 months later, i received a letter from the DVLA- that i had failed to declare the car SORN and was liable to pay a £250 penalty charge. I did not oblige. 3 months later, the same letter was sent. Again i did not oblige. 3 months after that, i received a letter from Northampton county court, stating i had been found guilty of the charge and must pay in full plus additional court fees. At this time, my marriage had broken down and my address changed. That was the last time i heard from them, as time passes, it actually slipped my mind completely. I have moved back into this address again around 1 year after initial proceedings began against me. To my suprise, i had a bailiff knocking at the door demanding £676 in full or they would levy goods. I continued to explain to the ‘Enforcement officer’ that the property was rented and my name was not on the tenancy agreement and all possessions are owned by my wife save my clothes and a few small tokens. The bailiff wasn’t to bad. He left a letter and told me to get in touch with the courts so i did. 2 weeks later he turned up again, i told him the matter was in dispute. He asked me what i was disputing and why. I told him that was not of his business and was between myself and the magistrates court. He again left me with a letter but this time told me he had a warrant to ‘levy goods’ and that he will return with a locksmith. I proceeded to remind him i was not the property owner, he then asked me pay in full but told him i was currently unemployed (truth) and received only carers allowance for my disabled son. He then asked me to text him the tenancy agreement and letters from inland revenue to prove both claims.
    He then returned 1 week later. I told him that he was harassing me and i was in no contractual agreement with him or his company and a letter had been written to leeds magistrates courts (it was now passed to them from
    Northampton) and that i would not pay 1 single penny to his company. He then told me he was waiting for me to text him proof tenancy agreement and carers allowance. At this point i became frustrated and told him i was under no obligation to prove anything to him or martsons. And that they are the ones pursuing money from me so it was upto them to investigate matters personally, as they are the ones knocking on my door for money. I also told him that i would not be corresponding with him
    Anymore. i asked him to withhold any further visits. He then told me he had a warrant he can execute anytime if he wants, and that the next visit will be with a locksmith. I tried to tell him that was against the law and again reminded him of the tennancy agreement. He then shook his head and drove away.

    So in the meantime, leeds mcts sent me a very very short letter stating i had to make a ‘statutory declaration’ to my local court and arrange a date for a statutory declaration hearing. Where do i go from here? I can’t seem to pinpoint who is claiming liability from this point. What should i say when i call my local courts to arrange the SD?

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  35. Michael Langley

    Nuremburg was in the past mate.

  36. Mercmad

    innocent until proven guilty doesn’t seem to be a valid point in English law in 2017 .Viscount Sankey would spit if he the state of the law today as a result of Blair’s prime ministership .

  37. KimJongBingBong

    when I registered my car to dvla ,,, all I did was name and address that was it ,,no signature was given,and nothing else was ticked or filled in ,,, and still got my log book,,,  but yet according to law you need a signature to form a contract or part of one . I was wondering if I stumbled on some sort of loophole?????

  38. John Glynn

    nice one again i know who to call when i get a prob

  39. leddie leady

    never done a sorn and never paid a fine and i have 7 vehicles. if it’s on the road it’s “taxed” and if it’s off the road it’s not. the sorn is the legal document to steal your car if its on the road without tax. the document didn’t exist before the legislation to steal your car came out. it’s all contract.

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