22 comments on “How to transfer a private number plate vehicle to vehicle

  1. gaffnaldo1

    perfect, thanks

  2. philip unsworth

    exactly what I was looking for – thankyou

  3. Kev

    This was extremely useful, thanks very much. Only question I have (if you can answer), the details on the V5 form for the receiving vehicle are for the previous owner. Do I need to update all these details to my own when sending in all the documents to DVLA?

  4. The Plate Market

    Hi mystikev, yes you need to complete the New Keeper section (section 6) on the V5, and sign section 8. Then submit with other docs…DVLA will update the registration number and keeper details at the same time.

  5. Kev

    That’s great, thank you for the info 🙂

  6. Shahid Afzal

    Hi, what details go in section 3 of the v317 form, is it the traders details or my details.

  7. Pete. Jamieson

    Great…much easier than ploughing through the DVLA instructions. 

  8. Elizabeth McLean

    This was helpful but what happens now when you buy another car there is no tax disc!!

  9. Simon

    This has put my mind at ease now it’s so confusing but this video told me exactly what I needed to know”….

  10. Sam Panchal

    Hi, Thanks for the easy to follow instructions

  11. stephenj7841

    What do you do now there is no mot certificate or tax disc?

  12. Linda Tyler

    what happens about the insurance?  What plate is kept on the car until you transfer the new one to the new car?  How many times do you have to alter your insurance details if it takes 10 days to register the new plate on the new car? What a mess!

  13. John Lawrence

    Thanks for sharing it is most helpful.

  14. Latín delight ltd

    muchas gracias esta muy claro la explicación

  15. vogue singer

    Out of date now regarding tax discs

  16. Brian Gilkes

    thanks very helpful apart from mot and tax disc

  17. 007richiep

    thank you

  18. Sue Cook

    Your info is out of date on tax discs so how can I trust it is up to date on other things !!!

  19. PC Singh

    how can I find a number plate that someone owns which I want to buy

  20. Barry Steele

    Very useful video, but could you up date it please.

  21. stephen strassen

    but i cant seem to find the online video as the asigned boxes are very confusing, do i used the v778 and boxes 1 to 5 on filling in? if so then im well stumped as on the box 2 asks for 5 digits and mine if going by the v778 mine hasnt got 5digits? everything works but cant get past the box 2 problem and this is on line grrrrr

  22. Y11SER

    How you do it online?

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