32 comments on “How to deal with bullyboy DVLA clamps

  1. Steve CryptoMan

    Positive action, love it.

  2. Eleetcrew 31337

    well done

  3. Sn00zeDog

    Weigh it in!

  4. RallyDon82

    fucking right n all!

  5. TheKnightsShield


  6. Jamie O'Callaghan


  7. Greenhat Media

    Check out my channel for some fun and giggles see how i deal with police harassment on a daily baisis.
    Avoiding the tv licence goons, while fun for a while was getting boring also they gave up too easily and after a brief phone call its all over and they didnt return.
     The balifs i dont know what happened to them, maybe burried in my back yard, or was that the book im reading. i miss their charm and determination, or was it the satisfaction of chasing them down the road.
     i decided i need to try somthing different. check out my upcomming videos “tyre tuesdays” where i visit my local police stations and check their vehical tyres and tax disks, they have to obay the law too.
     check out my other videos, bailifs running away, police harassment whos harassing who.. i guarantee ill have those nice police constables calling on me from time to time too, they love me so much now we have a steady thing going on.
    stay tuned for the roving roy report. you wont be disapointed.
    Brought to you by GreenHatMedia and the roving roy report 

  8. terrygand

    If they ask for this Unlawful ‘instrument of restraint’ to be returned; don’t forget to impose a daily storage fee of at least £10 per day. Thanks for sharing…….Abe

  9. Colin Tsang

    Love the video. Good job on removing the clamp without damaging the vehicle

  10. John Smith

    Me and my mate offer this service in the London area for just £10 but we keep the clamp and have some fun with it late at night, when we clamp cars that we know belong to muslims. We then charge them £50.

  11. Az77.0 MHz

    Free the gixxer!

  12. Capt Kremen

    Looks like you have a stone-cutting disc in there, which is why it took so long.

  13. faber384

    Would be outraged if someone clamped my bike like that with a big steel clamp against the paint like that

  14. rob davies


  15. mac dhadli
  16. Andyman

    Yeehaa, everyone should do this to every clamp. They will soon stop using them.

  17. mrarches

    Where some goggles ,that’s against health and safety laws .

  18. Aleks Romantik

    respect Mate.

  19. co1urzz

    something about superman and man of steel references…

  20. Tweet Protocol

    Can you post the vid where you later get charged for criminal damage to a DVLA wheel clamp and how that situation unfolds please? Cheers.

  21. jaylea leelou

    lol hehe good on you

  22. omar k

    FUKIN quality, piece off piss lol

  23. grahame belton

    All you needed to do was cut the clamp off and then lose the clamp. They can’t prove a thing. They are private firms and they pay the DVLA for your details. Should be a crime.

  24. Samara Weaving

    YAY nice one !!

  25. Charlotte Berrill

    if you paid your tax in the first place you wouldn’t have to go through all the trouble of taking the clamp off you idiot

  26. Ryan Price

    Hahaha yessss

  27. Sonic the Hedgehog

    Clampers. They’re just trying to scam you.

  28. John barfneck

    portable plasma cutter …….

  29. John barfneck

    im thinking liquid nitrogen  in and ? a hammer used on the chain..or canned air and  a hammer on the chain..

  30. maryam edwards

    what are you doing

  31. Ronnie

    if someone ever clamped my bike i would clamp their skull

  32. Ken Finch

    There not bully boys, they are just doing what the law requires them to do.

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