8 comments on “How to attach a number plate to a car [the screw method]

  1. Eric Tindall

    To prevent number plate thefts could you ask people to look at the petition – – the idea is for the government to fund 60 pence of screws per car at point of sale or MOT over 45,000 plates are stolen every year!!

  2. junxs1

    what if your number plate is stolen and you don’t have the old plate to use as a template? do all cars have the holes in the same place? is it unified?

  3. chris rees

    again ppl don’t say what drill bit to use

  4. Spencer Davies

    what if there’s no head on the screw? How do you remove it then??

  5. Timescope

    we know how to take a plate off ffs, he thinks were fucking 7….tit

  6. Isthiaque Choudhury

    Had a car crash, number plate is messed, yes i can get the physical plate from eBay….but im totally lost as to how my reg will be put on that plate as eBay will send a blank plate, any help would be so appreciated – Based in London UK.

  7. Jake

    Awesome video. Thanks for the help.

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