6 comments on “Hannah Rose – Reply from the DVLA


    Greeting Hannah, I really liked your letter and would like to have a copy of it if possible.Contact number

  2. squirms shed

    my letter came from the complaint depot , and it took 8 weeks, all I asked was why my tax form was in different colours and letters,

  3. Engineering & Science Guy

    The only laws are common law, the rest is made up by the government so technically the government are criminal Mafia trying to impose laws on you.

  4. Alan Legg

    The government build the roads and employ the agency to undertake duties on there behalf, road tax is a means of funding and your driving test confirms you are able to control a motorised vehicle on said highway, im sure there are many who will reply in favour of Hannah, but do you want people driving cars on a public road who have not shown by way of a driving test and receipt of there drivers licence, i think not. If what Hannah is trying to prove was correct we can expect drunk 13 year olds diving uninsured vehicles with no mot, if you are in any doubt search You Tube driving in India or Pakistan

  5. Roy C Horton

    For God’s sake Hannah stop messing about with your hair !

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