35 comments on “Hannah Rose – Notice of De registration

  1. jason dawson

    hi great video could you plz send me the docs that i nead to own my own car this will be fun thanks so much for the info,

  2. roger keenan

    can you chuck the no plates as well?

  3. ash mclean

    Hi hannah great video! could you plz send me the document you have used as a template as it would be very helpful. Thank you power to the people and namaste.

  4. Carl B

    Hi Hannah , i sent you messages few days ago . about Notice of understanding , could you please forward me this also ?


  5. Terry Seerey

    Hi Hannah could you please  send me a copy of Documentation to do this also the name of NOTARY to my email as

  6. Shaun Sim

    Love you giving the goverment hell, its a breath of fresh air to see someone fight bull with their pen, how about PEN 1 for the registration Ha! hA! could you pleaae send me copys of documentation to my e,mail chears! I take it scotlands laws are slightly different from english law, it would be nice to compare both,

  7. B.O.C B.C

    Hi Hannah can you email me the details and a copy of the documentation if possible please at:

  8. Schamim Schunna শ্ছামিম শ্ছুন্নাৰকাটিয়া

    Can you now write your own bonds?… Or are you now locked up?

  9. urban beats urban beats

    I want a copy 👍👍👍👍👍

  10. burger boy

    was in accident last week wiith a so called de-registerd car with the driver leaving the car and running away

    im now left in complete lumber

    whose left to folk the bills and clean up the mess

  11. john smith

    have you a face book page as like to talk with you

  12. john middleton

    Band from Facebook letters not my strong point lol 100% with you all

  13. Shaun Kennelly

    Great well done 👍

  14. winapa khongtong

    Hello Hannah. Well done. Would ypu please be able to forward a copy of the claim to
    I too would like to remove myself from this unlawful system.

    Thank you.

  15. Martin Jones

    Hi, you are the business, well done! Can you email me a copy please to Would you also be interested in giving me a consultation? I am happy to pay you for your advice

  16. Moon Pie

    You’re going to keep doing these videos? OK, isn’t that a lie as you made a couple and stopped?
    Are you in prison again?

  17. kris griffin

    this girl is awesome! well done you. i really hope all goes well. subscribed!

  18. Pauline Quirke

    she is a selfish squirrel brain. shes done too many drugs

  19. Martin Jones

    Hi, can you give us an update? can you also email me the copy of the docs? many thanks,

  20. andrew bilby

    Hey Hannah, your an inspiration. Also you have some big balls, I’m impressed keep up your good work and spreading of the message. If you have any / all letters that would be amazing, from DVLA, council tax, everything and anything you have I’m learning but want to help others with issues. thank again keep it up 👍🏻

  21. Mhorag Christie

    If Hanna has de-registered herself from the system becoming a sovereign she will not be registered for any conracts such as jobs, health care, benefits(DWP) payments etc,etc !
    She is definitely a free woman but will have to sustain herself because everything is run by corporations including Royalty.
    So she may be free to drive without registration but everything else will be included hence her trapping herself unless she lives offgrid looking after herself.

  22. Baby Blue Eyes Eyes wide open

    I got a speeding fine, so if I was deregistered and the police wanted my driving LIEcence what would happen then. They are corrupt, it’s cost each person now £84 to not have points on their licence. This time I was here there were twice as many people as the last time 30 in all. So who’s getting this £2,500? I have driven along the same road for 8 years and somehow got clocked!! I did see a speed van but not on the road they said I got clocked, I was coming from a 40 mph zone into a 30, but van was pointed towards 40??

  23. mike love

    Hi Hannah, you are a True Soldier for Truth and Freedom!! I would love copies of your notices if you would send them to me It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Maureen Love ,

  24. Virginia Burshaw

    Thank you for this powerful letter. Would you please tell us how to obtain a copy of this letter and whatever else is needed to De-Register ?

  25. southsideboxing

    Hi can i download that letter your reading out to us, thank you so much for your time and for putting this out there for us.

  26. Ben Chud

    Hannah love your vids love but be careful with this Freeman of the land mumbo jumbo you need to look at the Road Traffic Act 1988 particular S.87-89..

  27. fred bloggs

    Hannah , sounds like a good idea , where did you download all that , and do you know if i can claim back my daughters birth certificate , i have loads of questions really , is there any way i can talk to you in private message on here , so we dont have haters interrupting with dumb comments , i like what you doing , have you got a website .

  28. Mirza S Hussain

    why don’t you put all that information in the description
    so we can download it

  29. Vijay Kaler

    hi please can i have a contact number or details pls?

  30. Stephen Gray

    More ppl r doing this good girl

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