FORD PROBE Gets CRUSHED – DVLA – U.K (2010) – Advert For Road Tax Dodgers!!


20 comments on “FORD PROBE Gets CRUSHED – DVLA – U.K (2010) – Advert For Road Tax Dodgers!!

  1. Bobby D

    A bit extreme to say how much we’re charged for everything; taxed on income, taxed on savings, taxed on purchases, taxed on fuel, taxed on cars, VAT, etc etc, do we ever “buy” anything, or is it all tax?

  2. rohasfin

    Not the best choice of metaphor there… trying to anthropomorphiza the car only makes the state seem vile. “Aww… that guy loved a girl until some psychopath came along and tied her up (clamp), kidnapped her (tow), and tortuously killed her (crush).” How are the actions of the psychopath the fault of the boyfriend? It was something done TO him, not something that resulted from his own actions.

  3. lonelymarker

    Remember, pay those taxes, lest something “unfortunate” happen. I find people who don’t pony up tend to have “accidents”.

  4. Zack Yert


  5. Colguitar Colguitar

    Horrible nasty blood sucking government!!

  6. Noel Kennedy

    It’s impossible to pay RT without a V5 (logbook) or ‘new keeper’ supplement! Which can take up to (and is taking) 6 weeks! BUT not one day LEEWAY for expired disc!!! How the fuck is this fair!

  7. Jamie F

    I’d like to that the Probe that got crushed was an MOT failure or something, and that it would have crushed anyhow….

    But I agree with your implicit sentiment; Why crush a car, as opposed to confiscating it and auctioning it off? The energy and resources it takes to build a car is considerable, it makes no realistic sense (both economically and environmentally) in my opinion to crush what could be an otherwise perfectly good car!

  8. mmtot

    If the car is registered in the name of the corporate person on the birth certificate which was created by the government then you don’t control the car and the gov is free to do with it as it pleases.

  9. Liberty Machine News

    Can anyone enlighten me on how the “car tax” works in the UK?

  10. video99

    I did consider a used Probe when I was looking for a sports coupe back in 1998.  Instead however I bought a 1994 Toyota Celica GT, which probably was a very good choice.  It’s still a fantastic car, whereas nearly all the Ford Probes have long gone.

  11. ScottieGirl20

    Am I the only one who thinks this is kind of sad?

  12. Terry Quinn

    гандоны мою машинку 

  13. Dean Tucker

    Thats sad i have a ford probe and this makes me cry alittle

  14. Jim Phelan

    OH NOOO!!! why crush a probe they are rare and to me one of the best looking cars ever, its curved design was ahead of its time compared to  some boxy rival models.

  15. Simon John Hinton

    I had one in metallic green with the tan leather interior. It was the most reliable car i’ve ever owned. They’re rare enough as it is without crushing one to get a point across, they could have picked a vauxhall cos they’re definitely worth crushing.

  16. Ellis The DJ

    U crush it

  17. Boar Garage

    Why this probe look so sad ? 🙁

  18. xXDeathMetalThrasherXx

    NOOOO!!! I’m a probe owner and that hurt! Fuck you, you couldn’t just pick some shitty car to get the point across?

  19. UltimateStance

    It got what it deserved because it wasn’t a good enough successor to the Capri.
    End of.

  20. Help me

    i saw this commercial when i was like 9 and im pretty sure its the reason im hyperempathetic

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