6 comments on “F1: Most Expensive Car Number Plates in UK

  1. 722guy

    Its good to see such successful pakistanis.. makes you proud.

  2. speedingisacrime

    Go on Mr Khan i thought i done it with K2SHY as in Kashy

  3. Josh Palmer

    GOOOO ON !!!

  4. mavericksf16

    Fantastic investment. I’m sure he’ll make about twice if he sells it in 3 years time.

  5. hazzard martins

    killer plate!!!! worth a few dollars more now im sure – F1 – millions I would say and there are people who will pay – ‘arabs’ with plenty of oil money! I saw two plates at a super car garage –
    AB11 DUB and AL 54AUD on a lambo and farrari – monsters!!!! what the plates worth you say???? more than the cars!!! AB11 DHB went for £125,000 and the Al Saaud???? well thats the name of the ruling family in KSA so I guess thats worth a few gas stations!!!!

  6. MadelnJapan

    Nice Plate

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