40 comments on “DVLA VS SCOUSERS!

  1. Taxi Boy

    amazing how many scouse haters on here. thats why the countries over run with jihadi nonces . typical english mentality

  2. bacorable

    white niggers….

  3. stuart pattison

    Oppression only exist because majority of the sheepe adhere to it.

  4. Gazza Clarkson

    Subtitles in English please.

  5. Gazza Clarkson

    Scousers are all criminals and chavs anyway.

  6. The Revster

    Well done lads Robbing bastards.

  7. Tom Alexander

    Amazing, truly amazing when people write comments siding with people who are stealing from them regardless of any personal situation

  8. pat pat

    the police are corrupt aiding and abetting corporate bailiffs

  9. Andi Rooney

    £15 mini valet bargin

  10. Michael Stevens

    Scallies should also be towed away.

  11. Bungling Bill

    They’re all in bed together, dirty robbing corrupt bastards!

  12. Fight the power

    fight the power!

  13. Gareth Nolan

    Bang Irish plates on it lad 😉

  14. Paw X Paw

    I have seen bailiffs take away an untaxed vehicle in this way but the lorry did not have the extra stabilisers put out like that.. it was a BMW mid size.. Done a lot quicker than this as the owner never turned up. So these clowns declared the vehicle SORN but it was still being used and parked on the public road? It didn’t flag up on a Police ANPR it must of been a DVLAs ANPR from a patrolling van ..normally done a few days after the end of the previous month..

  15. rox dude

    At no point was the van of the ground. so legally they have to give it back. just on the straps meins nothing. only when its off the ground idoes it become their property. useful info that they will try and trick you to pay and fact it was not lifted off the ground means cop cannot do nothing if your in the vehicle. if it was off the ground they will have the power to remove you from it.

  16. Bobas Halite


  17. alan scott

    funny thing is  , it`s  tax ran out 1st January  2017

  18. Ward Nine

    Try paying your fines you bunch of victims …………. Come on United !

  19. Craig Ward

    cameraman in this video is a legend……….knows his shit but isnt over the top like some cunts are……simply says “public property, im sure the officer will tell you that”……………..good man

  20. Wayne Wood

    Regardless who they are, these pigs are vermin they steal peoples cars in the name of the statutes and hold them for ransom ITS WRONG!

  21. terry johnson

    can some one translate this please

  22. Crawford

    If it’s sorn why was it still on the road? Let’s hope no real crimes were being committed while police busy dealing with this.

  23. Jimmy O Sullivan

    The scouse were born to gob

  24. Th e Property Rerntal Group

    How funny is this …

    NSL Charge £265 to take car away Plus Dailey Fees.

    Police Charge you £135.00 Or Fine Min £60.00 (Road Side) and you get the chance to appeal and have time to pay. (21 days to pay or go to court)

    In depot Dailey Fees (NSL) Again . Allowed to Take Cash Payments.

    Don’t have to look far for criminals here ??

    Civil Enforcement VS Law Enforcement.

    Police Only Have Power when Life or Property.

    The have Lots Of Law Enforcement and Needs a Civilian Police Service.

  25. James Barratt

    All I can say is that the DVLA take money feom everyones bank and yet they do absolutely nothing with it. Road tax for roads right. So how come in 5 years the hole half a meter round in Crawley is still there on the exit bend from the roundabout. They charged me £517 today saying there is an arrest warrant out for me for driving a vehicle back in 2013 without tax. If I went to someones house and said I would charge £100 a month to keep their driveway in good condition but did nothing and still took their money, I would be done for fraud and deception. The DVLA are a bunch of lying bastards. They even changed the law on road tax a couple years back so when sold the car has to be retaxed. This meant more money in fines coming to them. Do we just let the dvla do it, and say nothing decade after decade? I could go around with rapid cement in a dmall van and fix most of the holes in a week. Just one man and they have the cheek to take millions and still do nothing. Screw this country. When uk leave EU. i will go to my villa in Spain and look back at the UK with my middle finger held up royally at the place.

  26. DaBriars

    It was SORN and the engine packed in
    Give the man a chance to get it repaired without putting more expense on him by having it lifted and impounded What harm was the van doing parked on a side street ? Typical bully boy tactics. Fair play to you for stoping them taking your van and fair play to the police for showing some common sense when they checked and proved you had the vehicle SORN

  27. katelan

    that police ladie would get the d

  28. Jason Lawlor


  29. Ben Dover

    Calm down!calm down! Well done lads nice job 👍👍👍

  30. Brian

    playing devil’s advocate
    if the engine blown why keep it
    and how do we know he’s not just saying it’s broken down
    how do we know he’s not been driving it around. untaxed uninsured no mot
    just saying

  31. ocsob007

    the lory driver said it’s paid for and maintained by the council? where does he think the council gets it’s money from?? it steals it from people by force under the guise of taxation and other fraudulent taxes and fees!!! they don’t create any product that people are willingly purchasing! they first have to take it from people you blithering moron!

  32. Paul Suarez


  33. Darren Currie

    Well played lads.

  34. Ian Last


  35. Barnem13

    Nice to see the police doing there jobs properly and not assisting one particular party in a a civil matter Thumbs up lads and lassies! !

  36. jamie cleary

    Ay the coppers doing a good job!!! What’s happened to the world when the bizzys save day hahaha

  37. Thaitanium73

    ‘Statutory Off Road Notification’ (SORN). There’s surely a clue in there somewhere lads.

  38. Clare Mitchell

    Love the way the wpc puts her hand behind her back while she was chatting and slyly plucks her nickers out of her arse.Beautiful

  39. Tyrone Nelson

    Oh look, that dvla cretin at 4:30 had to be the first one to run to the little police car to speak to the scrotum sat in it, have these incompetent wankers not the brain power and bollocks to get proper jobs instead of screwing hard working people over?

  40. VC1

    Oh right so “off the road” means off the road? I thought it meant I didn’t have to pay any tax and I could just use it when I wanted to. I didn’t realise……

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