5 comments on “DVLA: Thunderbirds

  1. Klurty34

    Poor Parker

  2. quillerpen

    No exceptions?…No-one thought to check when they made this ad that FAB1 was a pre-1975 registered car (The car was built as publicity for The TB film in 1967 and is now in a museum in the Lake District) and therefore not eligible for road tax. Lady P has to DISPLAY a road tax disc, but she doesn’t have to PAY for one.

  3. Stephen Quigley

    LOL! “We’ve been clamped for failing to pay road tax!”

  4. will4ward

    England was a police state waiting to happen. I remember the ridiculous laws concerning tvs and radios and walkies. WTF.well US is next.

  5. Maria Gray

    This should be put back on Telly.

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