26 comments on “DVLA gangsters and Police thugs robbed me of my car #2

  1. Person49

    Although he was completely in the wrong, the police didn’t handle this very well.

  2. Alan Robers

    No tax , and assault my my you should get locked up fo 20 years you idiot, those police could of been saving lives but it was wasted time on you scumbag

  3. Jonathan MacDonald

    i worry you have misread her book- it details the difference between lawful and legal not between a law and an act.

  4. landofthefreeuk

    The stupid cops are just as bad as those lying NSL goons. Counterclaim against them in court.

  5. Ab

    Pay your tax, you idiot

  6. j4m3sruckus69

    yeah thats like saying a life sentence is too long for murder, lets make it 5 years cus its easier to do….


  7. Matt warren

    You deserve a medal mate! I have requested accountability numerous times for Vehicle Excise Duty ( not road tax ) that was abolished i think in 1937! ( that I have not confirmed) . The DVLA dribble they send back to me has stated ( in their words not mine) it is the duty on fuel that pays for the upkeep of the roads, bridges and signs etc. not V.E.D? they say that it gets consolidated with other taxes inc ( a high proportion of council tax) to be spent on a variety of projects? ok , which are?

  8. Matt warren

    paying for wear and tear on public roads through fuel duty, I have no problem with that whatsoever . Shit costs money we all know that and to me that is the fairest and should be the only tax the motorist should pay . If your car sits at home doing nothing you pay nothing , or drive 100miles down the motorway you pay £ 20 or whatever … fair enough. But please all I want to know is WHAT THE FUCK DOES VEHICLE EXCISE DUTY PAY FOR ??? AND WHY SHOULD WE IN ADDITION TO FUEL DUTY???

  9. vampireLOREN

    One word sums this man up! Idiot!

  10. Richard Mather

    Pay your road tax u fucking foreign prick get out of our country

  11. 4TheRecord

    Road tax doesn’t exist in this country. You should know this if you’re from “our country”.


    nice try

  13. Kendal Ka

    So its ok for him to pay… but once he does that he must leave the country? Take his money and dont let him stay? Is that what your trying to say?

  14. El Pistolero

    This is black and white. Get your road tax (vehicle excise duty) or declare your car SORN (off the public road). Otherwise it’s towed, very simple and fair. This guy doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

  15. jdpoel

    ROAD tax?!?!! Ahahahaha…. road tax hasn’t existed in the UK for decades

  16. Richard Mather

    Fucking foreign prick road tax pay it I pay it so shut the fuck up u immigrant blsck fuckers and get out of britain fucking sick of foreign cunts fucking our country up with your scummy ways

  17. Richard Mather

    Road tax has u black fuck

  18. MrSergecj

    “Lets make a scene this is going to be a great movie” Axxxaxaxaxaxax.
    Парень ты тут реально не прав в чем проблема, тебе домой захотелось? Ну давай приезжай мы тут тебя ждем, у нас Полиция с автоматами ходит, долго разговаривать не будут.

  19. jamesylad

    I think you are perhaps the robber by taking money from the state by not paying your tax…. Pay your fucking tax and obey the law or fuck of back to where you came from

  20. stepbak123

    This guy is a clown. In England you need road tax!!!! Learn the rules and respect them.

  21. Michael McKillop

    This is why British Cops are just seen as corporate Bouncers! This Man was forced out of his property, due to false allegations of assault! British Police are as corrupt as the British Corporate bosses and M.P’S!!

  22. wolfe tone

    the man has something wrong with him, police needed to be somewhere else, so they got the firm to make an alegation of assault……………..not a good thing to do, but the fool was wasting everyones time, i can imagine once out of the car, charges would be dropped………………………… your tax………and see a doctor about whoever is upsetting you, take it out on them not the law………….fool

  23. scoobya6

    this guy is a total pillock and should learn the laws of this land 

  24. joe joyce

    wrongly accused him of assault to get him out of the car wrongful arrest 

  25. Stephen Gray

    they had to make up a lie to remove him from car as it would be kiddnap as well ?

  26. Matthew Noad

    Don’t want to lose your car then tax it you idiot. Serves you right. Hope they turned it into baked bean tins.

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