15 comments on “DVLA De-Clamping, DVLA vs. Angle Grinder

  1. John S Anderson

    Cut the fucking thing you pussy you seem more scared off the grinder you dick….. what a wee pussy you are

  2. Noman Jones

    This was posted in 2012, now watching in 2018, has he got it off yet?

  3. David Cross

    I’ve never seen anyone so inept with tools in my life

  4. Judge Dredd

    my god how hard is it for you to cut a link in half??

  5. Terry Harper

    its like watching paint dry

  6. Simon S

    What is with the STUPID banging in the background?

  7. ian woodfield

    that clamp was loose enough to use a jack and socket set on you dumb ass, you now cost the pubic money to replace that clamps lock, also you have no idea on how to use a grinder, also your going to get fined for damaging DVLA property!

  8. Stephen Golds

    I recon he did the Hatton garden job

  9. Jim Spence

    Good… Gawd…
    he should work at KwikFit. ..
    He sure knows how to work on a car lmao.
    This is a painful thing to have watched ..and I can’t stop fecking laughing my tits off
    Haa ha hahaha haaaa haaaa .

  10. David Robinson

    Have you used a grinder before,yeh fuckin uselessness is a joke man.

  11. David Robinson

    Give us a shout when yeh done

  12. David Robinson

    Fuck me are you still at it

  13. David Robinson

    Fuck me pay the fuckin fine ,no don’t I will it will be quicker

  14. Shawn Patterson

    I can’t believe it took him so long. Pull the chain tight and grind, he needs help

  15. Dan FlyBristol

    i could have done this quicker with a fucking kitchen knife

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