7 comments on “DVLA CLAMPING and Harrasing MOT Station Owner Police READING

  1. stephen mcabe

    doh 2 fick fuckin woman police lol cros my leg smaybe i win fuckin stupid recruitment cunts

  2. domienik1984

    Scumbags looking for easy money


    Cops not saying nothing nice job……


    He made a nice enemy with the glasses, dick head!!!

  5. Jack Rainbow

    you idiot – you are blocking the pavement and when they retaliate you complain. get yourself a fucking brain, you NUISANCE!

  6. mr ade

    Good to see the police keeping up with their debt collection duties. Priorities and that.

  7. jackwhite333

    they want to make their money and this is how they do it, there not bothered about peoples businesses they just want their cash

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