1. Bad Wolf

    We demand more from the DVLA Fatman!!

  2. Bad Wolf

    We demand more from the DVLA Fatman!!

  3. jamie 0'rourke

    go fat man! go on a diet!

  4. Chester Chan

    i hate dvla. last time i buy a car, they put my first name and surname wrong way round!!! hate them

  5. 611unterscharfuhrer

    pay your car tax like everyone else, and you will not get clamped, easy !!!!!

  6. Briggles

    I hope that fat pig fucker has an heart attack!


  7. Iamthekingofbeans

    fat man you’re blocking the road

    you crack me up lol

  8. xenbear

    Another arrogant motorist who thinks he owns the road and someone with a grudge about paying their road tax… I dont see anyone attacking anybody other than someone with a grudge against people doing their jobs… ruddy motorists think they own this country…

  9. Briggles

    @lndac02 Like cancer.

  10. sparkzv1

    did you consider being nice so you could get past let alone you can get a lorry through that gap

  11. Localos Salos

    hahha FAT MAHN 😀

  12. Daniel Yeaman

    u sick bastards calling my granda fat man especially when he’s dead 😠😠

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