10 comments on “DVLA clamped his car so he does this……

  1. John Mcghee

    Should have just took the clamp off with an angle grinder

  2. 256 bradley

    Clamp was bigger than the car

  3. dan hotea

    He should obeyed the law rather then think that he’s somehow special

  4. J V

    If destroying the vehicle is your goal fill the gas tank with brake fluid and silicone caulking and start the car and let it run until stalling. Cut the brake lines with a knife , remove the battery, break the windows. Job well done.

  5. Earth Needs a Reboot

    Earth needs a reboot because of people like you.

  6. Robin Hinson

    Actually he can be prosecuted for criminal damage even though he owns the vehicle because it is parked on a public thoroughfare…………… hope so for being a total moron

  7. andros standley

    What a wonderful TWAT

  8. Alan Minter

    He said he’s got loads of money. If so, pay the friggin car tax. We all have to.

  9. riotagus

    And then he went out and stole another one!

  10. steve hazel

    What a very sad little baby , Having a tantrum needs his nappy changing !!! It is your responsibility to tax the vehicle for it to be legal on the road not anyone else’s therefore it shows just how irresponsible babies are !! which is you. !!!!

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