29 comments on “D.V.L.A clamp removal by a man

  1. BAW pro

    Pay your car tax. you wouldn’t need to do that you deserved it

  2. irishbreakfast

    GREAT JOB!!! they put their private property on your private property so now its your clamp!!! lol!!!! dummies!!!!

  3. David

    I’m glad it stated the clamp was removed by a man because it sure as hell sounded like a horned-up gorilla.

  4. Teddy Jordan Teddy

    No afens but the noises that you were making sound very secshial

  5. T C

    How drunk were you mate?

  6. SameerSlash

    Epic. Just- Epic.

  7. HB

    had to mute 20 seoncds in . ur a grown man stop moaning like a bich

  8. IAmWhoYouAre

    Wait so it magnets on the side?

  9. capitán_ camote_picante

    0:08 what were you moaning about?..

  10. The legend 27

    Like a boss

  11. Russell Morton

    At least you got a free clamp

  12. John Mcghee

    Well done that man

  13. John Mcghee

    Should charge a small fee for other people

  14. Patrick Hempshall

    Hey Mr Pikey, what was it clamped for? No tax, no mot , no insurance or all three.

  15. Isaac Murphy

    This must happen quite frequently if you have chain cutters in your back seat to deal with the problem

  16. RoanokeEnthusiast1995

    Great job mate! What’s the name of the tool that you were using? I need to get one for myself 🙂

  17. ColtDeltaElite10mm

    There was a ton of heavy breathing there. Are you really that much out of shape?

  18. Phoneix Ash

    i love you man we need more people real men like you

  19. movistar gsxr


  20. Hellish Underwater Harmonica

    If you’ve already removed a clamp from your car..and you get reclamped..stick you’re on the other wheel. Coz they’re breaking the law of it’s seen they’ve put on two clamps. And don’t forget to super glue their lock slot and watch them try and get the key in!

  21. eufogia

    sounded like you were getting something to yourself there mate 😉

  22. david lefort

    I love incriminate myself make sure you don’t get pull over with the clamp in your car

  23. ian woodfield

    idiot why use them when you had clearance to unbolt the wheel easily, also they make note of your reg and send you a bill and fine for the clamp so who’s your daddy lol

  24. anthony smith


  25. Paul Smith

    You sound very unfit


    Dead easy to remove these clamps. I’ve removed loads off cars from Cheeky Nazi private land owners. Should see the look on their faces and there is nothing they can do. Priceless comedy!

  27. Sacranie

    Lol ha ha dvla got that off good job mate 👍

  28. Fellatio Belsen

    Should be entitled man has shit while removing clamp!

  29. laugh live experience

    I think his have ing a wank lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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