37 comments on “Asking DVLA About My Rights to travel

  1. Adam Allen

    Thank you for excellent video man. Yes, I agree with you totally, it’s not just about using your brains anymore, it’s also about using your heart to sort out lies & truth.
    Common Law is our right & truth, it always has been, it’s just a big game that the corrupt elite played out on us people. Now, we are sorting it all out again for a better world for all. Thank you brother, great job, I know what you are doing.

  2. Elliott Peters

    I am all for defending civil rights but this has to be one of the most ridiculous attempts to elude the law I have ever seen. The “right to travel” was originally part of the Magna Carta and, whilst I am no motoring historian, I don’t  recall motorised conveyances being around 800 years ago. Laws have to change in order to maintain society, especially when technology creates danger when  previously there was none. How would you feel if I exercised my “right to travel” by attempting to fly an airliner over your children’s school? I have never had one minute of training to be a pilot but hey .. Who cares?

  3. Michael Langley

    Listen he doesn’t drive he travels and doesn’t have a car its a private automobile.

  4. SS Standartenfuhrer

    Are. you on benefits ? With nothing to do?

  5. Loyal Crusader

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.have you nothing better to do with your time?

  6. Karen Tun Aung


  7. Christopher Steadman-Byrne

    What a waste of a you tube video what we’re you trying to prove?? You have to have a driving licence, you have to have insurance, you need to have road tax and you need a valid MOT otherwise you get stopped, you get your vehicle removed and you get points on your licence and ultimately banned

    So your saying you don’t think people need to have these – so we have roads full of dangerous drivers who are uninsured and unworthy vehicles

    I wish you tube would ban bull shit videos like this get a life

  8. paul c

    This guy is an idiot!!!



  10. Richard Eaton

    What a deluded individual. Something in the water must be making more and more narcissistic wankers like this evolve.

  11. Richard Eaton

    Look at the stereotype….. Scouse, Lecosse T-shirt, overweight, low IQ and not at work……..Muppet.

  12. Chris Tupper

    hilarious all u twats giving this guy so much shit …. people do need to do a bit of research before venting. the fact of the matter is that statutes and acts are given the force of law by the consent of the governed…..common law covers everything…do not cause another human harm loss or damage …. …everything. All the other bits just there to make money … that’s why all courts NHS parliament all plc companies. ..

  13. Forensource

    Another idiot who calls some general number to validate his fantasy.

  14. mick jones

    common law weight to travel, no wonder our countries fucked

  15. Tony Homewood

    You are a bigger idiot than the guy at DfT. The right does not allow you to drive a machine, namely a car, on a public highway. Why? Well because our elected representatives, that is to say parliament, determined that to drive a car on a public highway you must meet certain criteria and so must the vehicle. If you want to travel in a private horse and cart…..then get to it

  16. be real

    pay your way you fat stupid cunt

  17. David Clark

    There is no “Common law right to travel in a private conveyance”.

  18. Kenny Smith

    needs his top ironing…just saying

  19. michael m

    hi there
    common law right to travel …how would this apply to motorcycles…
    i can’t find anything.

  20. Hand Solo

    Shows that the authorities on these matters are not versed in the laws they convey. Thank you for posting this, they do not wish to empower you as to your rights.

  21. Sarah Swayne

    of your gonna do a youtube video at least have the self respect of ironing your shirt and cleaning your fingernails ya dirty bastard!

  22. Baz Eddy

    Jay ha ha ha. Well done baz livewire.

  23. William Blake Jr: connection through knowledge

    so the people who work for these private companies, helping them collect revenue from the public, for using PUBLIC roads, dont actually know the statutes they are helping enforce?? and people are ok for these situations?? are we mad? why do we still give our money to them and let them have power? there is LAW, if people hurt others then there is already thing in place to deal with that.. collecting revenue, created by their ‘bosses’ and given to us as long as we do with it what they say!? come on people wake up! a better way might be a freedom of information request?

  24. Gat Decor

    What a cock and the tart behind him letting him

  25. bob question

    private does not mean non-commercial. Conveyance = transfer of title. Automobile = Car = type of vehicle. Vehicle = instrument of conveyance. Therefore, private conveyance does not eliminate the potential for commerce. No, what we need is a word that totally excludes the commercial aspect that these goons require. TRAVELLATOR = purely non commercial engine or motor powered device for the of free men, women, boys and girls and their possessions.

    A travellator appears to be and runs just like a car except it is non-taxable and can not be described as a car. A travellator can not be used for driving it has to be conducted.

    Freedom and rights does not mean lawlessness.

  26. harold steptoe

    you’d probably get away with a horse and cart just like Steptoe did and also like gypsy travelers used to do many years ago but I think a vehicle that’s mechanically powered must be registered and taxed ……

  27. Riot Star

    He’s just being an asshole.. comes across a smug get!! Look at me comin an awkward twat, I’m all pleased with myself this is going on the YouTube !! Life’s too short buddy

  28. David Parsons

    They cen never take it away from you stand up and act like a man and don’t give consent to the system that is only contact the people who won’t to be governed by the Dmv and state’s and government imposed your natural rights and win every time.

  29. David Roach

    its a private conveyance that you do not operate for hire

  30. TADionysus

    the common law right to travel is allowed but you cant do it in a car without a license to drive that car and having a up to date mot and a tag with valid insurance so travel all you want on foot or in a horse and buggy but you cant in a car without proper documents and license the right to travel in your personal conveyance was enacted long before cars were even invented

  31. the joker

    These strawman bullshit dont hold in court. U still get arrested. Anyway its not criminal to break driving laws. Only your own stupidity if u pay speeding or parking fines. But saying that i wudent want some incompetent twat to run over a child coz hes pissed or dont obey the laws. The laws do serve a good purpose its there for ur safety and benifit. Yes all governments are currupt by not building enough houses on purpose and neither printing enough money and making us slaves..but again u cunts vote ur freedoms away and humanity does not stand together as they r always devided by sum bullshite ie colour patriotic borders religion and other puppy cuck.

  32. Jamie Anderson

    You didn’t ask for legal advise but for information!

  33. Richard Bailey

    Nobody from the dvla or assosiated agencies are going to abswer a question in regard to the common law right to travel in a private vehical as they would have to admit the current laws for drivers/ travelers a illegall and fraudulent theis will get most interesing in the next few years.

  34. Hugo Slavia

    Another prick wasting people’s time.

  35. hearsay henderson

    Frustrating…. I’ve been there. Check out Karl lentz Dean Clifford from Canada and max igann

  36. James Gardner

    I’ve been traveling without a “drivers license” for three years, it’s our right to travel….only when engaged in commerce is one needed

  37. william maclean

    Lets get 1 thing straight the law states that the rd traffic act only applies when working in commerce but its not rd traffic law its a act script if u wish to travel in ure own public conveince gd for u

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